7 beer Olympics games that you can use to add fun and excitement to any beer party.

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Drinking beer Olympics games competition

The Beer Olympics games is a competition in which teams of players from different pubs or bars compete against each other in a series of beer drinking games. Invite all your friends and have a beer Olympics night at home. It’s a great way to meet new people, bond with old buddies, and enjoy some tasty beer.

1) Beer Pong

2) Quarters

3) Flip Cup

4) Ring of Fire

5) Zoro

6) Shuffleboard

7) Skeet ball.

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Beer Pong:

Beer pong is a beer Olympics game where players shoot ping-pong balls into the beer cups of opposing teams and then try to get rid of all their beer. The beer cup arrangement in beer pong can be done in 2 ways.

One way is with 3 beer cups on each side in a pyramid formation, or you can set up 4 beer cups on each side in a diamond shape. Once you have your beer cup arrangement ready it’s time to pick the teams. It’s usually best to have even numbers on both sides so that every player gets a chance to drink.

Now you just need some good beer drinking songs, and some paddles (the beer pong equipment ). To play beer pong you must first shoot your opponent’s beer cups with the ping-pong ball. If you sink a beer cup, then that player has to drink their beer. The game is over when one side runs out of beer or can’t stand any longer.


Quarters are great beer Olympics games because they require very little equipment. They are also really fun for big groups of people. Quarters can be played in many different ways, but typically it’s best if everyone playing gets a chance to shoot at least once or twice during the game.

The basic rules are as follows:

Set up an of quarters in the centre of a beer pong table. Each team has to shoot all of their quarters until one team sinks all of the opposing teams’ quarters. If your quarter lands in an opponent’s beer cup, then that player has to drink.

Flip Cup:

Be sure to have lots of beer on hand for this beer Olympics game. Flip Cup is a fun beer drinking game that can get pretty wild if everyone is really into it. To play flip cup each team gets 5 cups per person ready with beer.

One member from each team stands on opposite sides of the table and flips the first cup onto its mouth while chanting “flip”. Then they must flip the next cup so that it lands mouth up again (both cups are held in one hand when flipping). After everyone on both teams has flipped their cups, the beer is consumed.

Ring of Fire:

Ring of Fire is a beer-drinking game that requires beer pong balls and beer cups. You can play these beer Olympics games with more than two people if you want, but it’s usually done with two opposing teams of 2 or 3 players.

Play by setting up beer cups as usual for beer pong. Once the beer cup arrangement has been set up, each team gets half of the beer pong balls and stands on opposite sides of the table at about a 15ft distance away from the beer cup formation.

This beer Olympics aims to throw your ping-pong balls in beer cups of the opposing team, but you can only throw beer pongs from a distance of 15 ft. If you get your beer pong ball into an opponent’s beer cup, then that player has to drink their beer and switch places with another player on their team.


Zoro is a fun beer drinking game for two teams who each have three players. To play this beer Olympics games set up 6 cups filled with beer at equal distances apart in a straight line (like bowling).

One member from each team holds their beer while the other members take turns throwing down a ping-pong ball and try to get it into one of the enemy teams. If they succeed, then that beer has to be consumed in its entirety. The game ends when one team has all beer gone or the beer runs out.


One of the beer Olympics games that require little equipment is beer pong. To play beer pong you need 20 beer cups, ping-pong balls, and a beer pong table (typically 6ft long). Once you have all your beer cup requirements ready go ahead and set up 6 beer cups on each side of the table in a triangle shape with equal distance between them.

The teams then divide into two groups and take turns shooting ping-pong balls into their opponent’s beer cups. Trying to get rid of their beers before all beer is gone from their own beer cups. If beer is spilled then the beer has to be consumed and the cup gets removed from play. The beer pong game is over when one team runs out of beer or there’s no beer left in their beer cups.

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