Lot of poker players are exist in the world and Eric Molina is one of them. Here you will find an overview of the poker tournaments in which he participates or pokers against him on one of the listed online poker platforms.

eric molina poker
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Eric Molina In World Championship Event:

Eric Molina take part in world championship event July 2006 $10,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em for the first time.In this championship event, Eric Molina took 31st place in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Festa Al Lago:

After that he take second position in No limit Texas Hold’em $ 1000 + 80 in 8 October 2011. That event was occur ed in Festa Al Lago, Las Vegas city of United States.

Wynn Classic:

On March 15, 2015, attended a Wynn Classic 2015 Grand Event in Las Vegas. He got 4th position in this event and win the huge cash. No-Limit Hold’em with $ 2,000 + 100 he played very well make his huge name on that event.

Eric Molina World poker tour(WPT):

Los Angles started a event in 28 July 2015 World poker tour(WPT) with No Limit Hold’em $235. He participates in this event and has 143 positions in Legends of poker (WPT).

Eric Molina WSOP Re-Entry:

World series of poker open Re-Entry poker event in Nevada, Los Vegas in 12 November 2015.Eric climbed 35 spots on the World Series of Poker circuit and continually made a name for himself in the poker world. World series of poker Re-Entry event start from $580 No Limit Hold’em.

Wynn Signature Weekend:

Las Vegas start Wynn Signature Weekend in 21 April 2016 with $ 545 + 55 No Limit Hold’em. Many players take part in this event and Eric Molina also one of them and take 40 position in this event.

DeepStack Showdown Poker Series:

Monster Stack event in Las Vegas 15 October 2019 start DeepStack Showdown Poker Series. With $ 400 No Limit Hold’em he got 69 position in this event.

Eric Molina in SuperStack:

In November 2019 Eric Molina took part in $300 No Limit Hold’em SuperStack. This event happened in Las Vegas as DeepStack Extravaganza IV and Eric took 3rd place.


Eric Molina is a well known poker player from Mission Vejo, USA. He has made over $ 412,834.00 from a single poker tournament in his poker career. The game of money is ignored.
His last live poker game was on November 10, 2019, where he finished third in the $ 300 No Limit Hold’em. SuperStack event at Deep Stack Extravaganza IV, Las Vegas. He competed in over 8 live competitions.
He is the 2,738th highest ranked poker player in the United States and 5,316th in the all-time cash rankings. Its biggest winning cash event in the poker tournament was over 9 329,865.00.


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